Business Follow-up Packaging Services Process

Trang chủ / Business Follow-up Packaging Services Process

If you want to expand your Korean business in Vietnam and want to find some packaging services and human resources related to your business to operate. This business follow-up packaging services is the best choice for you.

It includes:

1. Branch Service Package
  1. Translation
  2. Buyer discovery
  3. Telephone agency
  4. E-mail receiving and sending 
  5. Events 
  6. Local sales agency 
  7. Product sampling for potential buyers 
  8. Local business guide
  9. Manage the available transaction
  10. Business registration support
  11. Project joining
  12. Marketing
  13. Writing report
2. Successful Export Package
  1. Translation 
  2. Searching for buyers 
  3. Call center 
  4. Receiving and sending emails
  5. Conducting events 
  6. Writing company reports
  7. Support for business license registration
3. Customized Packages

Services tailored to each individual by considering individual requirements

4. Business Follow-up Packaging Services Process
  1. Fill the requirements form below or direct us
  2. After that, we receive information and demand of customers
  3. Then we will contact you as soon as possible
  4. You will be consulted and exchanged about your demands
  5. After that, we can sign the contract

Business trip & matching

  • Overview
  • Schedule: 4 days 3 nights
  • Matching area: Hanoi, HCM City
  • Purpose
  • Establishing a bridge to enter Vietnam market and export
  • Penetrating into Vietnam market and establishing relationships with distributors
  • Establishing a network with local Vietnamese companies and related organizations
  • Service including
  • Apply for a work permit one month in advance
  • Exchange information with new and existing local customers
  • Flights: Buy individual airline tickets by skyscanner. Accommodation for 3 nights (same hotel designation)

Fill the form:

After finishing the form, we will contact you as soon as possible to cooperate. Or you can contact us via email, zalo or facebook below.