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Koviepartners has the service of providing and connecting human resources in the field of IT, websites and producing mobile applications for Korean businesses that want to enter the Vietnamese market. We are committed to giving our customers the best and most effective experience.Koviepartners have the services of supply and demand of business IT manpower 

  1. Supply and demand of excellent local IT manpower in Vietnam. (years of experience, types of work, salary, online meeting, contract, etc. )
  2. Providing web and mobile application production (business, travel, booking, transportation, beauty, education, etc.)
  3. Acquisition of customer requirements, analysis and solution consulting, quotation, contract and deposit.

Providing Workforce Process

  1. Fill the requirements form below or direct us
  2. After that, we receive information and demand of customers
  3. We will contact you soon
  4. You will be consulted and exchanged about your demands
  5. After that, we can sign the contract

Fill the form of workforce (including IT)

Fill the form of Website and Apps:

After finishing the form, we will contact you as soon as possible to cooperate. Or you can contact us via email, zalo or facebook below.