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NATURES PHARM is a company specializing in the research and development of products that benefit the body using natural and environmentally friendly ingredients, aiming for a healthy life.

The company was established in March 2011, so far has more than 10 years of experience in researching and launching functional food products from nature. During the period of establishment until now, Natures Pharm has not only researched a variety of suitable products to support human health, but also delivered pharmaceutical research lectures, serving teaching in research institutes and universities. Realizing the importance of these natural products that have a special impact on people, Natures Pharm has built a domestic distribution system of up to 8000 pharmacies across Korea and expanded its distribution network go abroad.

Managing Natures Pharm

  • President, CEO : Lee Jae Kwan
  • Title: Pharmacist/Doctor of Pharmacology
  • Position: Managing Director
  • Lecturer at Woosuk University of Pharmacy
  • Representative of Hyundai Pharm
  • President of the Natural Health Research Group
  • Lecture on pharmaceuticals at the pharmaceutical association
  • Lecture on general medicine at Daily Pharm
  • Lecture on functional foods Daily Pharm
  • Lecture on corporate health
  • Authorized representative of Vietnam : Lee Jae Hyun

Visit Natures Pharm’s website : www.naturespharm.co.kr


Derived from the rule that: “Illness lies in the imbalance of yin and yang beyond the laws of nature, leading to an imbalance of heat in the human body.” Natures Pharm has been looking for natural treatments. 

Through the balance and harmony of East – West, Natures Pharm creates for everyone a rich and healthy life with the strength and nature of nature.


Natures Pharm’s product philosophy

Nature is beautiful when everything is in harmony, however floods or droughts can still occur when there is too much rain or no rain. The human body is the same, if there is an excess or lack of a certain agent, it will cause disease. Therefore, Natures Pharm studies the harmony and balance of nature, solves human problems and helps to keep the human body and mind healthy.

Features of Natures Pharm products

Natures Pharm combines Eastern – Western herbs, ingredients contained in LJG compounds to enhance the effect. Natures Pharm products are used by both the elderly and children, they comfortably promote the effect on the body.

The LJG compound present in the product is the main difference compared to other similar products. LJG – a compound from Eastern and Western medicine, with natural plant extracts that make the product work more effectively through the body system. This compound is Natures Pharm’s top secret.

More than that, the reason Natures Pharm products are sold the most in pharmacies in Korea is because of their effectiveness. Mainly, Natures Pharm products are located in special areas of pharmaceutical stores in Korea, and store owners and customers love Natures Pharm products.


Research and Development Institute (R&D)

With the working principle “Towards the future of science and life”. Currently, the units of Natures Pharm, including: Institute of Culture and Natural Products, Mineral Derivation Technology, Vitamin Concentration Technology, etc., are all trying their best to keep up with the scientific and technological life. turmeric.


All products are manufactured in Korean factories with a variety of products with different formulas.

Modern production lines and international standards have been operated at Nature Pharm’s factory. All facilities here are safe, reliable, have received GMP, FDA safety certificates and functional food approvals.

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