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Koviepartners is always ready to provide and connect Korean businesses with diverse human resources of Marketing in Vietnam from Brand Marketing, SEO/SEM, Social Marketing, Digital Marketing,… Since we have been and are partners of Marketing agencies in Vietnam, we are confident to bring the best experiences and services to our customers.

1. Our Service

– Influencer promotion

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– Design

– Offline, event events

2. General Marketing

Brand Marketing: activities that create strategies to promote a product or service to a certain audience by focusing on building a distinctive brand, inculcating it in the mind and creating excitement in customers.SEO/SEM:

  • SEO: Search engine optimization method aimed at improving the appearance and position of web pages in the search results without paying.
  • SEM: The term includes SEO and other forms of marketing – paid advertising done in search engines. This activity helps to create the fastest results in reaching customers.

Social Media Marketing: Quá trình sử dụng các phương tiện truyền thông xã hội để xây dựng thương hiệu, tăng doanh thu và thúc đẩy lưu lượng truy cập website. Các nền tảng xã hội phổ biến hiện tại như Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter… Digital Marketing: marketing activities and information exchange, brand promotion through Internet and digital platforms, including 3 main types of Media.

  • Owned Media: including platforms that can be actively controlled, long-lived, flexibly edited, and accessible to each customer. Along with that, implementing Digital Marketing on Owned Media is also more cost-effective than other forms of Media.
  • Paid Media: a form of paid media, in simple terms, brands and businesses pay for these channels to carry out on-demand advertising, which can be proactively implemented on demand to serve their Digital Marketing campaign goals. enterprise, ready to deploy immediately and with wide coverage.
  • Earned Media: when customers and the target public self-spread information, self-communication about the brand. Using Earned Media builds trust for brands and businesses, has transparency, plays an important role in promoting customer buying behavior.

Design: It is a long process to form a product and uses a lot of different knowledge to form ideas for each individual work to serve the purposes of advertising, branding and communication activities. All are geared towards the ultimate goal of increasing brand awareness, and bringing commercial success, namely revenue. Event Organization: strongly attract the attention of the target public to the individual or organization’s marketing program. This activity is an effective tool of PR to assist businesses in implementing an effective mixed promotion strategy. Thanks to events, businesses can promote their images and products to the public.

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